Grades K-12 Resources on Aquifer-Groundwater-Drinking Water

Easthampton, Southampton, Westfield, and parts of Holyoke all draw drinking water supply from groundwater resources in the Barnes Aquifer. This offers an extraordinary opportunity for educators in these communities to offer classroom and field learning that has immediate relevance to student's lives. Following are several existing resources that are available to educators. Please also see the other materials on this website, including maps and studies, which may also be of use.

The Magnificent Groundwater Connection (activities suited for grades K-12)

Prepared by EPA and the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission. This is a compilation of some of the best ground water-related activities from previously existing curricula, seasoned with a collection of original materials and geared specifically to New England

USGS Water Science School (activities best suited for grades 8-12)

Explores the major question: How much water is there on, in, and above the Earth? Topics include: All Earth's water in a bubble; Water is on and in the Earth; and Where is Earth's water located?

National Groundwater Association Lesson Plans (can be adapted for grades 8-12)

Offers many lessons plans on several topics that include water on earth, groundwater, aquifers, and wetlands. Each section has numerous lessons. The groundwater section for example includes a lesson on Darcy's law where students learn about the law and use it to predict different scenarios pertaining to groundwater.

Fun Activities

Provided by EPA, there are several additional educational activities for various grade levels.

• Aquifer in a Cup

• How People Get Their Water

• Where Does Your Water Come From?